why i ship my OTPs (Perfect Pair Edition)

first of all, i’m gonna talk about my ultimate OTP which i beloved so dearly in the whole wide anime universe. the number one pair in my heart which shared so many beautiful memories throughout my fangirling years. an OTP which i will ship to the end and would go down with it if it ever goes down, which, in my honest opinion, would never possibly happen. i call this lovely pair my OTP of all OTPs because their love is just blatantly obvious even blind ones can see it. they are just so perfect for each other and don’t need anything more besides each other, even clothes aren’t necessary because their sole beings are enough, even just their names are sufficient enough. *and i’m exaggerating everything. lol.* so, may i present to you, the perfect couple ever existed in anime, manga, and whatever type of media or entertainment it may be. this pair is possibly the most famous/popular/well-known pair in the fandom, with so many fanworks like fictions, art, and doujinshi. the fandom acknowledges this pair as the perfect pair, which became their official fanon pairing name: Perfect Pair. 

PERFECT PAIR: Tezuka Kunimitsu x Fuji Syuusuke (Prince of Tennis)

i’ve rambled so much about this pair because i just love them to bits and i want tell the world on how perfect they can be. so why ship this OTP? well, the answer is simple, just by watching the anime and reading the manga, you can catch subtle-but-not-so-subtle ship tease by the mangaka and animators. and i love Konomi-sensei for that. as we can see, even though they’re both males, they have the dynamics of being a perfect couple. let’s start with the seme, Tezuka Kunimitsu. Tezuka is obviously the dominant one in this relationship, who is depicted as an handsome, aloof, stoic, manly, strong, intelligent, proper, perfect captain of Seigaku’s tennis team, in short: the prince charming every girl dreams about (or maybe not all) or the knight in shinning armor of damsels in distress. on the other hand, we have our uke, Fuji Syuusuke. Fuji is definitely the uke in this pair, who is characterized as a pretty, effeminate, kind of emotional, sadistic, brilliant, sparkly, blue-eyed, ever-smiling tensai of Seigaku tennis club. their personalities are opposite of each other and you know what they always say, opposites attract. they’re perfect for each other, they compliment one another. they look good together, they understand each other without saying anything just like they can read each other’s mind. they are just PERFECT. that is why they’re called Perfect Pair and the Prince of Tennis fandom accepted and acknowledged this even if it is not official or canon name. can anything be better than perfect? the answer is: none, it’s already perfect. in summary, no other pairing can beat this pair because they are essentially the superior couple in the whole fandom, which is followed by Alpha Pair. yeah, i am biased. i actually want to write more about this pair, i can endlessly talk about them, but this post is getting longer. and words just can’t describe how perfect they can be for each other. thank you! \(*^__^*)

Tezuka and Fuji: in the bath beside each other while they’re naked :P
notice the close proximity between them compared to the others in the bath \(>_<)/

Tezuka and Fuji: in the bath beside each other while they’re naked :P

notice the close proximity between them compared to the others in the bath \(>_<)/

No. Exposing all of himself, that’s Fuji’s way of showing his love.

Tezuka Kunimitsu

TEZUKA, Y U KNOW THIS? of course, he’s Fuji’s husband

(that’s why Fuji gave his all in his match with Tezuka before going to Germany.)


am i the only one to think that YamaJima looks like TezuFuji?

Yuto can cosplay Tezuka perfectly with his glasses and Yama-chan should grow his hair longer to look more like Fuji :))